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Mini Scleral Lenses

Do you want clear, crisp vision without the drying effect of your soft contact lens?

putting in contactAt Milton Eye Care, we offer specialty contact lens fitting and we love our mini-sclerals. A mini scleral is a 14.9 mm diameter gas permeable lens, which is filled with hydrating saline and then worn.

As our eye doctor can explain during your next eye exam in Milton, ON, mini scleral lenses offers exceptional vision as its effects masks any corneal irregularities such as astigmatism, post refractive surgery corneal changes, etc. Since a mini scleral is a custom lens, it can be made in a variety of powers, making it great for high prescriptions.

If you have been looking for a lens that is as comfortable as a soft but gives crisp vision like a gas permeable, then a mini scleral is a great solution.

Toric contact lenses are designed to correct astigmatism and custom made to fit the eye of the patient.

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