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Eddie Bauer

Eddie Bauer

Eddie Bauer Eyewear offers premium-quality frames for men and women seeking classic American style to gear themselves throughout the journey of life – from busy commutes to serious expeditions. For those who lead a modern outdoor lifestyle, Eddie Bauer provides the right balance of form and function for which the classic outdoor American brand is known. The eyewear collection is for individuals that appreciate innovation, quality and design and features classic shapes, bold colors and contemporary designs.

Adhering to the standards that have made the Eddie Bauer brand famous, Eddie Bauer® Eyewear is uncompromising in the integrity of its’ design and performance standards. The collection features light and durable comfort synergized with the relaxed, classic style of the individual who lives an active lifestyle.

Eddie Bauer is a quality driven eyewear collection for men and women seeking updated classic designs and the finest value in outdoor lifestyle eyewear.


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