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Ernest Hemingway – Live the Legend

Ernest Hemingway BNS 1280x480

The Ernest Hemingway Eyewear Collection is inspired by the life, work, and adventurous spirit of the late author and world- traveler. Marked by superb design, construction and craftsmanship, and meticulous attention to detail, the Ernest Hemingway collection appeals to fashion-conscious women and men seeking a timeless piece of eyewear.

The collection embodies retro design updated for full functionality into today’s worldly lifestyle. Offering a variety of vintage-inspired shapes such as cat eyes, rich tortoise and classic colors as well as brighter hues such as blues, yellows and greens, the collection appeals to style that is hip, retro and youthful, as well as time-honored, classic and mature.

Ernest Hemingway eyewear truly honors the legendary, romantic and adventurous lifestyle of the celebrity himself. With no compromise on quality or style, the collection is as authentic as the way of life.


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