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Humphrey’s Eyewear

Humphreys Eyewear AdStreetwear and empowerment. Have we got your attention yet?

That’s the totally unique approach that Humphrey’s Eyewear takes to its clients. The brand is owned by Eschenbach Optik GmbH, a German optical company in business since 1913. For more than a century, Eschenbach has dedicated itself to setting high standards of design and customer service. It continues to meet – and surpass – those standards today.

The newest Humphrey’s collection has frames in bold red, pure white, and many transparent shades for a touch of edgy attitude. Many of the frames have statements on the inside of the temple with messages about female empowerment, 90s nostalgia, being true to yourself, and confidence – ideas that are very much in the public consciousness. Other frames include gold laser engraving on the inner temple and a variety of rectangular-shaped eye frames for a uniquely retro look. After all, vintage is in!

The brand believes that expressing your individuality is what today’s fashionable eyewear is all about. Find out more on the Humphrey’s Eyewear website.


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