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Lafont Kids

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Lafont SA was started by Louis Lafont in 1923 Paris. Originally a provider of hearing aids and eyeglasses, the brand has evolved over the years, carving a unique niche in the eyewear market. Over 95 years later, Lafont has remained a family-run operation. The company has 5 boutique shops and exports their products to 40 countries worldwide.

Lafont eyewear is made in France, with 140 artisans producing 500,000 frames each year. A state of the art manufacturing facility combined with traditional French craftsmanship ensures each frame is made with high quality materials, expert design, and a lot of care.

The Lafont children’s eyewear collection is for kids aged 6 months to 12 years. There are 33 frames in the collection available in 11 colors and shapes including cat-eye, oval, trapeze, and others. Lafont knows what their youngest customers want, and that’s fun patterns like polka dots, square grids, flowers, and mosaics.

Sunglasses come in shades like sky blue, bright purple, candy pink, and caramel swirl. Original designs with light-colored translucent temples complement a different color on the rims, resulting in a happy eyewear experience.

See what Lafont Kids has for your youngest patients.