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Morel 20AdThe Morel company has embodied the expertise and creativity of the French eyewear industry for over 130 years. Famous for its innovative quality and design, Morel remains faithful to a tradition and a heritage of creating unique, high quality products.

Each of the morel brands represents a solid combination of distinct style and optimal functionality. Here is more detail about each of the Morel brands:

  • OGA: Masculine design and functionality with Scandinavian spirit. A discerning style where comfort doesn’t detract from originality of design.
  • Koali: Women’s eyewear and sunglasses inspired by the living world: creative discreet products in exclusive and unusual color combinations.
  • Lightec: Made entirely from stainless steel, LIGHTEC frames are a combination of lightness and technology for immediate comfort.
  • Nomad: Frames inspired by contemporary and trendy places, for men and women who are citizens of the world.
  • Marius Morel 1880: This collection reintroduces the elegance of the very first designs: authentic products subtly updated and reinterpreted using the latest technology.
  • Rebel: An urban, sporty style for the young at heart: contrasting colors and streamlined designs for optical frames and sunglasses with polarized lenses.

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