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Munic Eyewear

Munic AdMunic Eyewear believes that eyewear is more than just a tool for vision correction; it’s an important fashion accessory. The Germany-based company’s philosophy is that eyewear should be “in sync with fashion”, just like a great pair of shoes or stylish designer handbag.

For more than 25 years, the company has consistently brought fresh designs and unique style ideas to the fashion eyewear industry, and that tradition continues today.

Munic’s newest collection is all about gorgeous color and beautiful symmetry of design. There are 15 sunglasses available in a variety of colors like red, gold, turquoise, pale rose, and light blue. What is truly impressive is its selection of 123 eyeglass frames, including 18 clip-ons in a choice of lens colors and gradient styles. With a wide variety of shapes for every type of face and personal style, Munic truly has something for everyone.

See the entire impressive collection online.


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