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Ogi Kids

Ogi Eyewear began its operations in 1997 as a boutique optical design company focused on originality and value. The company consistently launches new products, staying on top of current trends in fashion and design.

Today, the Minnesota-based company has 7 brands, and one if its most popular is Ogi Kids. This brand features loads of beautiful eye frames in today’s hottest colors and fashionable style for children. Of course, Ogi remains true to its core belief of uncompromising quality, excellent craftsmanship, and superior comfort.

45 frames in the trendy collection offer a unique mix of styles like translucent and glazed designs. Kids will really stand out from the crowd with frames in a color block design with 3 lines of fading colors. There are beautiful pastel shades like watermelon, lilac, and ice blue, and totally fun colors like root beer candy, lime green, and shimmering emerald.

Ultra feminine patterns in paisley, swirls, and flowers are a wonderful choice for kids who love pretty colors, while square, round, and cat eye shaped frames offer great style for kids who want to look fabulous and feel total comfort.