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Questions & Answers About Sun Protection

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Dr. Khan Answers Your Questions About Sun Protection

Q: What can a person do to protect herself from sun exposure??

Whenever she is outside! If there is daylight there are UV rays to protect your eyes from.

Q: What exactly are “ultraviolet rays?”

It is invisible high energy light that can cause damage in the eyes such as cataracts, pterygiums, and macular degeneration

Q: How can people protect themselves from the sun’s UV rays?

Use a good quality pair of sunglasses with a 100% UVA/UVB protective coating, also invest in good sunscreen to protect your skin.

Q: Are sunglasses an important part of a sun protection plan?

Absolutely! Think of sunglasses as sunscreen for your eyes.

Q: What type of sunglasses offer the best protection from UV rays?

A solid tint (grey or brown) with 100% UV protection

Q: I have heard about blue light being a concern as well. Can you talk a little bit about this and what it means for protecting your eyes?

Blue light is part of high energy visible light (HEV) and we are over-exposed to HEV from digital screens, indoor lighting, etc. It is known to suppress melatonin production and could possibly have an effect on the cells in your macula.

Q: I’ve heard of getting my skin sunburned, but can your eyes also get sunburned?

Absolutely. Solar keratitis is a sunburn of the eyes and can occur when one is outdoors on the water or snow without proper sun protection.

Q: Do darker sunglasses mean better sun protection?

Not necessarily. The tint in a pair of sunglasses is for comfort, the UV filter, a clear, colourless coating on the lens, does the work of providing sun protection.

Q: Does having a prescription make it harder to get the right sunglasses?

A pair of prescription sunglasses is a fantastic investment! Come visit our eyewear gallery to find the perfect frame that can easily accommodate your prescription!